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The idea

To provide a seamless fully integrated PLUG-IN roofing system with PV capabilities, which is both environmentally conscious and cost competitive.

The TCR® advantage

Designergy’s patented technology is at the forefront of solar innovation. The TCR® system combines all the roofing requirements (waterproofing, Insulation, supporting structure + integrated solar) within a modular compact module. Our value proposition, reduces the complexities between the supply chain and trades, the proven reduction of installation time saves both money and time, overall helping to control the costs of a project.
The main advantages are:

Insulation and Durability

High density rock wool offers great advantages for thermal and acoustic insulation as well as for stability throughout the years. It is a highly ecofriendly material that is very safe for us all and for the environment and is also fire resistant. By far the best solution for an extremely GREEN product like the TCR® module.

Clean energy / grey energy

The TCR® system produces more energy than needed for its own production (grey energy).

Research and development

Designergy’s products are continuously evolving. This allows us to take advantage of the latest technologies in order to satisfy the needs of our customers. Thanks to our gained experience in the field of renewable energy, Designergy’s modules are constantly updated from an esthetical and functional point of view. We offer different formats and models, that can be personalized for ad-hoc solutions. For more information please see the dedicated area.

TCR elements ® with integrated photovoltaic


For any question about technique, our Technical Area Manager, Dario Manodoro, is at your disposal.

Dario Manodoro
Technical area manager
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