Training and assistance

Designergy offers various tools to installers: an instruction manual, training courses for the qualification of industry operators and can organize the physical assistance of its own technical personnel during the installation phase.

Periodical maintenance

Periodical maintenance includes the following activities:

1. Visual inspection
2. Water tightness verification
3. Cleaning
4. Electrical inspection
5. Thermographic analysis

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Periodical maintenance (PDF)

Guarantee extension (10 years)

It’s a 10 year commercial warranty, that starts from the delivery date of the material stated on our invoice. It guarantees free swapping of elements ex our factory, that would not be confirming to the following quality standards:

1. Power installed (Wp) of PV modules
2. Mechanical load for distributed weights
3. TCR’s single components’ performance

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Guarantee extension (PDF)


For any question about sales, our Head of Sales, Simone Galeazzi, is at your disposal.

Simone Galeazzi
Head of Sales
+41 (0) 91 9712466