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Need to renovate or build a new roof without a major investment? For large surface projects we present an INNOVATIVE concept based on the Swiss award winning technology from Designergy to get a free roof.

The TCR® system for pitched roofs can be easily mounted on the load-bearing structure of the roof, allowing an exceptional mechanical durability, the highest water-proof levels (double water barriers), an elevated thermal insulation level and energy production thanks to the integrated PV unit.

The TCR® system for flat roofs can be easily mounted on the load-bearing structure of the roof, allowing an exceptional mechanical durability and energy production thanks to the integrated PV unit. It also enhances the overall architectural package, (“quinta facciata”).

The wide array of Designergy’s products includes many solutions, easily suited to the individual characteristics of each project.

What you’ll get

  • Your are going to get our Photovoltaic roof free of charge
  • After 5 to 15 years you are going to re-gain the rights to the energy produced by your roof
  • Maintenance, warranty and insurance costs are all covered by Deisgnergy
  • The value of your property will increase and if you decide to sell you can do so during this period
  • The latest level of thermal insulation which translates into top energy efficiency, savings and comfort
  • A tangible contribution to the environment “Go-Green”. In a few year the opportunity to produce free electricity for your own consumption and to be able to sell it at market price
  • Only one managing force that handles the whole project
  • With a small payment upfront you will get a detailed project
  • In the remote case that you won’t find an investor the project will be yours
  • As soon as the financing and the project are confirmed we will return the down payment
  • In case you are interested you will be able to buy the usage rights back before the end of the financing period (pro rata)

What you need

  • At least 1000 mq of cumulative active surface of the roofs that need to be built or renovated
  • The rights to use of the PV energy registered in our favor for the duration of the financing period
  • Depending on the technical details of your project, these rights should vary between 5 and 15 years
  • After a first estimate, you will deposit a small down payment against the total of the investment in order to get a detailed executive project
  • Technical feasibility to be determined case by case
  • Your current energy consumption data (existing roof) or forecasted data (new construction) is an important factor


Built to last for many years:

  • PV units glass/glass
  • Snow load up to 1.000 kg/m2
  • Walkable roof
  • Ventilated roof
  • Corrosion resistant metal parts
  • Fireproof insulating material with high stability performance throughout the years
  • Fireproof
  • No thermal bridges
  • No adhesive or silicone sealing
  • Integrated lighting rod on some models
  • Attractive Aesthetics

Certificazione: Iec 61215:2005, iec 61730-1:2013/en 61730-1/a2:2013 e Iec 61730-2:2012/en 61730-2/a1


For any question about sales, our Head of Sales, Simone Galeazzi, is at your disposal.

Simone Galeazzi
Head of Sales

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