Dummy. The TCR® elements are limited in size by the dimensions of the PV module. The TCR® Dummy, made to measure, allows to marry functionality, aesthetics and mounting practicality. They allow to perfectly integrate any elements present on the roof (chimneys, antennas, skylights, etc.

Connecting devices for TCR® system

Designergy offers a library of standard profiles, the so called ‘typicals’, made specifically to optimize the functionality and looks of the connecting devices. More information relating to the various types of connecting devices upon request.

Carters for the TCR® system

Carters have very specific and important characteristics:

  • They are the first water barrier
  • They protect the water tight membrane from all weather conditions.
  • They protect electrical cables from rodents.
  • They make the upper faraday cage


For any question about technique, our Technical Area Manager, Dario Manodoro, is at your disposal.

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Technical Area Manager
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